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Bevov is the world’s first AI matching technology catered to the BioPharma industry, delivering higher-quality candidates faster and more cost-efficiently than any other recruiting solution out there.

The current recruiting methods in the BioPharma industry are outdated, to say the least.

Where other industries have long incorporated new technology to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the hiring process, recruiters in the BioPharma space are still doing things the old fashioned way, but not for long. Gone are the days of expensive and slow manual recruitment practices, wasted time, and poor quality candidates. All of these factors have a negative impact on the timeline for NDA submission and FDA approval. This affects us all.

Bevov was founded in an effort to solve these problems by connecting BioPharma companies of all sizes to the most talented BioPharma professionals in the U.S. for jobs in research and development, clinical operations, data management, and biostatistics. Faster, easier and more affordable than ever before.

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Meet The Founding Team:

Sandeep Purwar

Sandeep Purwar | CEO

14+ Yrs of BioPharma consulting and recruiting exp.

Pavan Chellukuru

Pavan Chellukuru | CTO

15+ Years of development experience

Sally Chen

Sally Chen | Lead Designer

Worked as a lead designer with LinkedIn co-founder

Sanketh Purwar

Sanketh Purwar | Sr. Tech Lead

Sr software engineer at Amazon

David Bernstein

David Bernstein | Advisor

25+ Yrs of HR tech and sales exp

Rebecca Neufeld

Rebecca Neufeld | Advisor

15+ Yrs of marketing and PR exp

Nicole Fitzpatrick

Nicole Fitzpatrick | Advisor

14+ Yrs of BioPharma consulting and leadership exp.

Emily Serebryany

Emily Serebryany | Advisor

Staffing industry veteran with successful exit